June 29, 2023


June has been a busy month, and I would like to just say thank you to everyone who is reading this. You are the reason I am still here, and still sharing my stories. 

So what's new? Well, all I can say is...a lot (and not just launching the website and newsletter).

In June I have obtained new cover art for both Unchained and Where the Sun Touches the Sea. Moving forward, I will be utilizing professionally designed cover art for any new projects.

I have been furiously working to get back on track with Where the Sun Touches the Sea, and am excited to say that the first new episode since December has landed, and I will continue on my weekly publication schedule as I did before December. 

From here, my commitment is to keep going. I have some exciting announcements in the works, but I don't want to spoil too much now...so keep reading, and feel free to connect with me on Facebook or Instagram. I do have Twitter, but I'm not very active there yet.